The selection of Hazard Class and Category

CAT-WASTE Soil has where possible followed Environment Agency guidance WM3 and specifically Appendix B. In assigning Hazard Classes to the various substances within CAT-WASTE Soil the primary source of information has been the harmonised entries (and then groups) within Table 3.1 (Part 3 of Annex VI) of the Classification Labelling and Packing Regulations. Following this, for compounds that are not covered by a harmonised entry or group, then the following additional information sources have been searched:

It should be noted that Environment Agency guidance indicates that for waste classification, should there not be a harmonised entry (or group), the next step is to gather any information that is relevant to working out a substance classification. Atkins has undertaken a search that is considered to cover the majority of possible Hazard Classes for the substances within the Input Sheet. However, all users should be aware of the data sources referenced above and consider whether they are suitable.  On this basis, it is the user’s responsibility to explore alternative (and relevant) Hazard Classes for a substance, or substances, should they consider it necessary. Should an additional Hazard Class or Category need to be included, or further information be required, please contact