Where can I obtain further guidance?
How important is the need to have a representative sample(s) of my waste?
Who do I contact if I have a question about the website?
What version of Internet Explorer do I need?
What version of Microsoft Excel do I need?
How do I make a subscription payment?
I have registered but cannot get access.
How do I download the CAT-WASTESOIL Input Sheet?
How do I submit the CAT-WASTESOIL Input Sheet?
I have received an error message upon submission of my input sheet.
Can the CAT-WASTESOIL system accept data in AGS format?
How do I receive my results?
What guidance does CAT-WASTESOIL follow?
I have a contaminant, but there is nowhere to enter it on the CAT-WASTESOIL Input sheet?
Some compounds have data entry fields within the Input Sheet where I cannot put my data?
Why are the metal results in the CAT-WASTESOIL Output Sheet different from my CAT-WASTESOIL Input Sheet?
My waste has been identified as hazardous, what should I do?
Why are my sample reference names preceded with an underscore in my results spreadsheet?